Storify: A Necessity for Digital Journalists

Journalists are continually needing to adapt to the digital age. Storify helps with that. I think it is a necessity for journalists. It is a free tool that allows users to search tweets, posts, blogs, search engines, videos, and photos and simply drag them into their story. I think it is a must. The only… Continue reading Storify: A Necessity for Digital Journalists

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A Digital First Approach To Journalism

Steven Buttry, director of community engagement and social media for Digital First Media, has been making efforts to redirect and redefine journalism, journalists, and the newsroom. The first thing to understanding what Buttry is doing is to understand what digital first means. Digital first means putting a priority on the new technologies and new techniques.… Continue reading A Digital First Approach To Journalism

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Communication in a Changing World

Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Chief of Staff to the President and Chief Sustainability Officer John Matthews was a broadcast journalism major in 1983. He was given an opportunity writing for a weekly newspaper that opened doors to his career. For six years he worked in the field of journalism in Wisconsin until he… Continue reading Communication in a Changing World