It’s True We Eloped

After the wedding we all went our separate ways, until about midnight when Monika and Brett came to our hotel and we spent the remainder of the night having fruity drinks and talking about how we were going to tell everyone.

We woke up the next morning, checked out of the hotel, went home and began making the calls. My family was up first, it just so happened that my mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law were all at my parents house so only one call needed to be made.

“We got married yesterday at The Madison Club.” Immediately my mom and dad start congratulating us telling us how proud they are and my sister, well, she started balling. We knew there may be some hurt feelings about not being a part of our wedding day, so we decided we would tell everyone we would have another wedding next year so that everyone could participate.

Then we called Andy’s mom. Disclosure: Andy’s mom and dad separated from a messy divorce and at this point did not talk to each other, at all. Andy’s mom was driving and her first reaction was to cry and pull over. It seemed like she was excited but asked if she could call us back once she could process the new information. Granted, it was her only son, her oldest child who eloped without her knowing.

Onto Andy’s dad, and “step-mom” Sandy (They have been dating for over 5 years, and calling a grown woman a girlfriend just doesn’t seem to fit). When we told them the news they both said they knew we were going to run away and elope, they just wanted us to go somewhere warm and take them along with us. Later, very recently actually, we found his dad was much more hurt by us eloping than he admitted to.

When we called Andy’s sister Sydney, who has NEVER been a fan of me, she didn’t answer so Andy shot her a text saying, “Call me when you get a chance it’s important.” She called us right back. Andy broke the news saying “Ali and I eloped and got married yesterday.” Her response could not describe her as a person more, “Oh, I thought it was something important. Cool. Well I have to get back to studying.”

Then Andy’s mom called back, she was much more excited and wanted to start helping with the wedding planning.

We did consider hurt feelings when we made the decision to elope, but ultimately it came down to us. It was about us and no one else. We thought our families would be more understanding of that but as the days went on we found we hurt a lot of people. My parents never have said they were hurt, they just expressed they would have liked to be there. My sister said she wished she was the maid of honor. Andy’s dad said he was sad to have missed it. And Andy’s mom was ready to start planning the next wedding…



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