Content as a Vital Investment

Photo Courtesy of Alison Rudig

Traditional marketing says you are the right choice, but content marketing shows your company is a dependable investment. Content marketing is critical for small businesses because it effectively builds brand awareness, allows for more customer interaction, drives in leads, brings in visitors, improves SEO results, and improves your customer retention rate. There is no doubt that a solid content marketing strategy is a vital investment for your company’s reputation and worth.

What is content?

Learning the basic foundation to content marketing is key to a successful content strategy. Content is everything on your website, which can be the main pages on the site; About, Contact, Products/Services, Blog/News, and FAQ pages. In terms of marketing, it is everything that can be shared; social media posts, news releases, blogs, etc.

What can good content do?

  • It helpseducatesinforms, or entertains.
  • It builds brand awareness illustrating why your company meets the needs of existing and future customers.
  • It acts as a form of customer service by creating value, reinforcing decisions, and creating ongoing conversations
  • It builds a bond with clients and potential customers.
  • It demonstrates expertise through providing your industry specific knowledge.

Why use content marketing?

Small businesses should use content marketing to not just say their business or organization is a reliable investment, but actually show they are. Anyone can talk the talk, but few can show you actually walk the walk. Provide good and useful content to your consumer network. By using content as a marketing tool effectively, your content will allow for more customer interaction, drive in leads, and increase brand awareness.

Which type of content marketing is right?

Content marketing takes the content created and molds it together with a content strategy—a plan on how you will use the content. A well-developed content marketing strategy will review the many areas content is delivered. Understanding the options and which options best suits our audience will lead to even greater success.

Social Media

One of the quickest ways to build, reach, develop, influence a community around your brand, and to get content out and shared is by using social media. Small businesses with business-to-consumer communication will benefit most because it allows for direct interaction.

eNewsletters & Articles

Concise, creative, and engaging eNewsletters and articles are a great ways to get information to clients. Small businesses that have a lot of new products, promotions, events, or news will benefit greatly from eNewsletters and Articles.

Case Studies & News Releases

Case studies and news releases establish credibility through sharing stories about your business or a product that resolved a problem. This is one of the best delivery methods for small businesses because it can also be used in conjunction with an eNewsletter.


Small businesses can share their expertise, build an online community, and establish leadership, and build brand awareness. Blogs allow small businesses with a lot of industry knowledge and experience to produce and deliver content extending your reach.


eBooks are great tools for companies to use because you can provide written content and visuals to help illustrate your information. Delivering content in larger volume and detail allows your company to establish expertise and a foundation for future content.


Gain trust and show reliability from customers whom have received help, and solved a problem with your company, product, or a person. It gives your company credibility and trustworthiness, and allows you to see what you are doing right and what to improve.

Content marketing has become a critical component for small businesses. It is easy for a small business to fall short to the rapidly expanding Internet and social media networks. Signalfire can develop a content marketing strategy that will help your company show that you are the right choice.


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