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Students Can Use Social Media To Their Advantage

Photo Courtesy of Davis Cos

I will be graduating in May and the thought of having to search for jobs, fill out applications, send resumes, write cover letters, interview, and then pray all the efforts were worth it it a daunting reality. I am looking forward to graduate, but at the same time I am scared.

Recently college graduates have been using their social media experiences as personal. Social media as a tool for developing a career isn’t the first thought for many, but it is necessary and can be beneficial for our futures.

How to use social media to our advantage:

1. Refine your language, highlight things that are more career oriented, and connect and converse with people outside of your network.

2. Build networks to create relationships, which you will be able to gain professional opportunities through.

3. Search the job opportunities posted on social networking sites. Network with people with a company you would like to work for and establish a relationship.

4. Networking with professionals will help you gain more knowledge in that field.

5. Maintain a respectful level of interactions. Keep it professional.

6. Post conversations, third-party content, comments and questions, and content with the most value to your audience.

7. Show off your knowledge of your field. Tweet relevant articles and comment on trends.

8. Start networking now while you are still in school.

For more information check out Kate Brodock on Mashable.


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