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Facebook: Keeping Up with the Changing Social Media World

Photo Courtesy of Inside Facebook

Facebook announced they were changing a few things. FB is adapting to the growing social media world. FB is and always will be “COOL.” That is the whole idea of FB, you’re not going to use it if it isn’t cool. Myspace, for example, became very uncool once FB allowed non-[dot]edu members.

Almost everyone wants their lives to be published, those that do not are not members of the younger generations and technology is too overwhelming for them. FB has closed the gaps between cities, states and continents because it is continually adapting and changing to sustain life in cyber space. Being a college student I can see this, maybe the older generations are not susceptible to change or too stubborn to change. My grandfather purchased an iPhone because I told him how much I am in love with mine–He ended up hating it. Older generations don’t understand our want and need to post, like, message, and Facebook our lives.

For FB to survive it needs to adapt, and in a cyber centered society, people need to be able to adapt as well if they want to survive in present day cyber society. It only takes a few minutes to get used to changes on Facebook. Many users are up in arms complaining about how they cannot use FB and how messy it is. Zuckerberg isn’t going to allow a change to go through without knowing 100% that it is vital for the survival of FB. Users who do not understand how to use the new changes should take advantage of the FREE tuitorial.

Zuckerberg is doing an amazing job with FB and he is keeping up with the social media trends. It’s time for the older generations to adapt, learn to adapt, or unplug. I am constantly plugged in, as are billions of other FB users. I am either on my FB app on my iPhone or on my laptop checking the news feed. I am addicted and it’s not going to change anytime soon.


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