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Why Revolution will not be Tweeted

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

It is really powerful how groups of students gathered together to stand up for one cause–they didn’t even use Twitter or Facebook! It is interesting to see how social media has reinvented social activism. Social media is a powerful tool, and when in the right hands can influence change. It is amazing what people can do through Twitter. Twitter gives those who cannot stand up alone a crutch of followers to support, collaborate, coordinate, take a stance and make a difference.

A former national security advisor, Mark Pfeifle, said Twitter could be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Political activists now have more powerful tools to push for change. Instead of word of mouth, radio and television, activists can tweet, post or send a  message through better tools. Thinking about it, if you are at an event and there aren’t enough people or you want someone else to come, you get on your phone and go on Facebook, text, or tweet to your friends.

One thing I was thinking of is the “nonsense” posts on Facebook… “Going to lunch with the girls,” “Doing laundry,” “Eating at Drumlin.” We have so much power in our hands, why do we waste or time on pointless posts? I am at fault of this, I have to admit. I guess everyone wants to have their lives documented… We could be making a difference but I still want to know what my best friends are up to… That is the power of social media…


6 thoughts on “Why Revolution will not be Tweeted

  1. I agree, it is crazy to think of all the students that gathered to protest WITHOUT social media. Just think how how much more there could have been if they did have twitter or facebook.

    I like your idea about the non-sense posts on facebook. Some days I get really annoyed by facebook and posts such as the one’s you mentioned, but then again I sometimes find myself doing it too.

  2. I agree that political activists are using social media more, now that it has become more powerful. Because if you’re not on social media, people might not know who you are and what you stand for.

  3. I’m definitely guilty of useless posts! And I guess I’ve never really thought about the reasoning behind WHY we do such things, and to be honest… I have no idea why we do that! You’re right in saying we could be making a difference but we’re still so caught up in wondering what our friends are up to. I guess we just have to figure out how to use the power of social media for ACTUAL causes, not our own personal enjoyment.

  4. I liked your pointing out of our useless updates. I think we are all ignorant enough to think that all of our facebook friends care about every little thing we do in a day. But why shouldn’t we feel this way when every time we make these updates someone will always comment on or “like” it? Bottom line, I think we all believe we are more important and special than we really are and things such as facebook act as a catalyst to the fire of this misconception.

  5. I must say that I am guilty of posting some pointless points on Facebook and Twitter; I think myself and others do that because it is cool to think people actually might care what we do all the time! It makes us feel kind of like little mini celebrities at times. But I do think that sieving through all of the “lunch with the girls!” and “going out for a long night” posts, we really should use these social medias for meaningful things such as social change and progress, bringing attention new ideas and focuses, and just voicing strong opinions to get people talking.

  6. I strongly agree on how it is great to see something becoming accomplished without social media. Also your points on how many statuses or posts on facebook seem pointless. I often use facebook and twitter more for fun than trying to accomplishing something. It is more like something fun to be on, but I have to remember that what I am saying or doing is representing myself to everyone.

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