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It Takes a Village to Find a Phone

Photo Courtesy of Engadget

Today I read a story about a woman who lost her Sidekick phone. Her friend used social media to find the teenage girl who had it and track her down, and eventually have her arrested.

I thought it was interesting how they could find a contact via email and photos taken on the phone from the Sidekick database webpage. I also found it fascinating that everyone who read Evan’s blog felt connected because everyone has lost something. On that note, it was interesting to see how fast word spread via technology. It kind of makes me wonder how much faster we can spread things to one another through technology than without.

Social media has closed the gaps between strangers and allowed our society to relate easier than ever before.


5 thoughts on “It Takes a Village to Find a Phone

  1. I really like how you bring up the point of everyone being connected because we’ve all lost something or another. It’s crazy to think about all the things we can all actually connect over! I also agree with your question of how fast we can spread information throughout the world thanks to technology.

  2. I liked your comment about how it is fascinating that the girl in possession of the phone could be tracked down via her activity on the stolen phone. This idea is totally applicable to me. If someone found my phone, they would have access to my whole life…my most visited websites, my “favorites” and most called numbers, pictures of all my friends, family, and facebook contacts, my emails…literally, everything. I would totally be able to be tracked down based off the contents of my phone. I found this to be kind of a creepy concept.

  3. It is very interesting to see how easy people can find information about you online and also how fast a story can go viral. This story is a great example of how one lost phone can impact thousands of peoples’ time and effort.

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