Retraction: Technology

Yesterday I had said technology has lost its “magic.” I was wrong; 100% wrong. We have just become use to the changing technologies. Last night I took a trip to the mall and saw a touch screen Coca-Cola machine that accepted credit cards. I took a picture with my iPhone and sent in to my boyfriend. On the way home, I thought about how much technology influences my life and makes it easier. First, the Coke machine was pretty cool. Second, I took a picture on my phone, sent it via text, and my boyfriend received it seconds later. It is funny how he was really 30 minutes away, yet he was seconds from seeing what I was standing in front of.

Technology makes everyone closer, distance from a loved one does not mean you are “far from them.”I have family in Texas who I do not often have the chance to visit, but I see them all of the time. How? Whenever we call each other on our iPhones we FaceTime. So, I get to see my little cousin grow up and he recognizes who I am when I do come down to visit. Skype is another “magical” thing. I can talk to someone in Australia face to face without having to pay heaps of money.

Social media is also fascinating. Like yesterday for example, I went onto Twitter to tweet about the smoke in Whitewater and had articles posted by WISN telling me exactly what was going on. Our world has become a lot smaller than it use to be. Gaps between continents have closed via Facebook, Twitter, Skype, FaceTime, and every other social site.

A side note, my friends and I were talking about reading the Bible and how lugging the big book around could be an explanation for why we don’t read it as often as we would like. I said it was easy for me because I have an app on my iPhone and iPad for the Bible and I can read it in any language and in any version fast and easy. Apps have changed my life completely. Convenience is everything in a busy world, especially when I am working three jobs, taking 18 credits, and balancing homework and a social life. Every app on my iPhone allows me to get everything I need to get done in the day efficiently. (I even have a WordPress app to upload blog posts on-the-go!)


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