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Something Funny in the Air

Courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio

This morning I woke up, like every other day, hopped in my car and headed off to class. When I rolled down my window my car was filled with the smell of a campfire. I thought nothing of it until I noticed the smell was all over campus, downtown and way out by my house. I went on Twitter to quickly tweet about it and saw an article from the Janesville Gazette. Apparently this fog of smoke is from the Boundary Waters way up in Minnesota. According to, the fire spread over 60,000 acres! The smoke was traveling east according to WISN but due to the shift of wind, it is now blowing south through Wisconsin. Fires do benefit forests and allow for regrowth. For some reason or another, whenever I think of forest fires my mind is immediately drawn to the scene of Bambi fleeing the forest. It also makes me hope animals and humans survived the wildfire… Anyways, I would rather have the smell of a campfire (forest fire) floating in the air as opposed to John’s Disposal burning garbage and gagging all of the students on campus.

On another note, I realized how much life has changed. Ten years ago I would have had to wait for the local news to report on the matter, today all I had to do was go on Twitter. It is funny how much influence technology has on our everyday lives and we have just grown so accustom to it there is no “magic” left in new technology, there are no more surprises. Although, I do have to say, Apple Inc. continues to surprise me anytime they come out with a new product.


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