Content as a Vital Investment

Traditional marketing says you are the right choice, but content marketing shows your company is a dependable investment. Content marketing is critical for small businesses because it effectively builds brand awareness, allows for more customer interaction, drives in leads, brings in visitors, improves SEO results, and improves your customer retention rate. There is no doubt that a solid content marketing strategy… Continue reading Content as a Vital Investment

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Homeland Security Uses Social Media to Find Terrorists

Be careful as to what you are posting on your Twitter and Facebook. If you felt your privacy was being exploited by new privacy policies, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) takes it a whole step further. The government has come up with a list of keywords they track through your tweets, status updates, and… Continue reading Homeland Security Uses Social Media to Find Terrorists


My iPhone apps are busy cleaning…

I have noticed lately that a couple of my apps have been “cleaning…” This raised a few questions with me. Why are they cleaning themselves? What are they cleaning? And why hasn’t Apple addressed this in depth? Apparently, with iOS 5 it is not uncommon for your apps to clean themselves. As in the screenshot… Continue reading My iPhone apps are busy cleaning…